Top 5 things at Yandina

August 20, 2019

You’d be surprised how many awesome things Yandina has to offer!

Did you know that the local gem “Spirit house” is in the top 10 restaurants in the whole Australia voted by trip advisor’s travelers?

And I know that a lot of locals have heard of it but yet have never been. If you’re one of them then maybe it’s time to change that? Be sure to book in advance!

At the premises there’s also a cooking school where you can learn to cook unique Thai dishes. It’s a great activity for almost anybody. You may even get acquainted with some of the ingredients you haven’t heard of before - like galangal… does it ring a bell? Best thing is that you’ll get to enjoy what you’ve made afterwards and of course the fun of learning and achieving something new.

On the opposite sides from one another there are Macadamia nuts factory and Ginger Factory.

At the Macadamia nuts factory apart from the nuts you can buy creams, soaps or even the whole gift packs made out of these nature’s wonders. The coffee is really great too...roasted in Yandina at the Pioneer Coffee Roastery.

You could even have a little peak at the back to see how the nuts are treated or even have a little degustation.

The Ginger Factory is like a little park dedicated to ginger. You can see different kinds of it growing everywhere. If you feel up to it then do a train ride around the property, the kids definitely would love it. You can also buy variety of stuff there – souveniers, organic cosmetics, ginger jams, lollies, ginger beer… You name it! There’s also a café where you can have ice cream or some snacks. I really like the fresh ginger scones with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Mmmm…. Yum!

Once we got satisfied with the food and entertainment for our bodies let’s think of the food for our souls.

Take a walk to the top of the beautiful Nindery mountain. The view will be worth it. You can feel a union with nature while bush walking peacefully.

And since recently there’s another spectacular thing at Yandina – there’s the storage sunshine coastYandina self Storage.

It’s brand new and it’s the largest on the coast. Come and check it out! Now you have at least 5 reasons to visit Yandina. After an exciting day, stop by and have a chat with our friendly manager who lives on site. You might have been thinking of storing your belongings now or in the future, Yandina self storage will be your optimal choice. It’s conveniently located just a turn off the Bruce highway. And we guarantee that our price is the best.

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