Situations when using Yandina Self Storage is essential

November 22, 2019

There can be different occasions in life when it’s very convenient to store your belongings. Maybe you are experiencing such a situation right now or thinking about making a decisive move in that direction, you’re on the right track! You came into the right place! At Yandina self storage we’ll help you to deal with any situation regarding storing.

Maybe right now:

- You are moving overseas temporary or going on a cruise around the world (why not?)

- You are moving interstate and it may still take some time to find the right house to move into

- You’ve sold your house and still looking for the new place to move into

- You’ve decided to remodel your apartment into holiday letting one or air bnb and you need a place to keep your valuables and sentimental items

- When you have a baby, you buy a lot of new furniture, prams, clothes, toys and the baby grows out of it so quickly and you find your house looking completely different than what it was, full of the items nobody uses anymore. You still would like to keep them though as you want to have another baby in future but right now, they are a waste of valuable space

- You selling your property and would like it to look more saleable having “only the right amount of furniture”

- If you’ve decided to renovate the house or an apartment then it’s going to be a hard task to properly do it and still have your furniture intact, yes, you can cover it but you won’t be able to get rid of all the dust collected by your items

- If you decided to renovate your office or the premises of your business, all the office furniture, equipment and machines will have to go into the storage for the work to be carried out

- You are downsizing

- You are running out of free space in the house and would like to have more space for daily activities

- You are a business owner and need to store your machinery

- You have a business and you need to store your stock

- You are a business owner and you need to store your current and past documentation, archives

- You need to store some items related to the activities you only do some time of the year and not using in the other

- You need to leave your car or a motorbike in a well secured, looked after area when you flying somewhere from the Sunshine coast airport and you’d like to save on parking

We can help you with all of those needs!  At our local Sunshine coast storage Yandina self storage we can accommodate different requests, whether you need a larger or a smaller unit or a covered parking zone. Our security system is brilliant! Our manager lives on site 24/7! You can trust us even with your valuables or just things close to your heart. We also offer the best price guarantee! Yes, we do strive for perfection! Come and check it out, get a quote and store with us!

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