Make your water dreams come true this summer!

November 22, 2019

We live in a beautiful and a warm state with incredible nature and ravishing beaches. We can afford to do a lot of water related activities and spend a lot of time in the ocean or near it. How many activities can you name? Some of those may come to mind: sailing, stand up paddle boarding, sailing, rowing, kayaking, surf skiing, surfing, windsurfing, boating, canoeing yachting, rowing, jet skiing, parasailing…

On the Sunshine coast we don’t really have a major change of seasons as such but agree that the weather still differs in summer and in winter, therefore, the activities we do depend on it.

Coming in the summer, now would be the perfect time to make your water dreams come true!

With the brand new Storage Sunshine coast Yandina Self Storage, you can let yourself do it all without thinking of where you’d store the gear and all of the related equipment and machinery! A lot of the items can be bulky and not really suitable for storing in the garage, house or next to it.

After you’ve had your fun - free your driveway from the boats and jet skis! Free your garage from paddles, surf boards, kayaks and surf skis! It will be much appreciated by your family members.

Some professional style surf skis and kayaks can be really long in size and fragile so it’s not a good idea to store it outside or it may not even fit in your garage. At Yandina self storage, you can choose which unit would suit your needs better: our smallest one is 9 square meters; medium is 13.5 and the largest one is 18. The largest unit is 6 meters in length which will be sufficient for storing your belongings. We also also offering insulated units which will minimize any potential risks of corrosion and damping. Store with chic!

The Yandina Self storage facility conveniently located in just a minute drive off the Bruce Highway. We’ll be happy to help you with your storing needs. Please let us know which unit you would like to reserve. We’ll be happy to help you, give you a quote and gladly answer any questions you may have.

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