KonMari Method

September 30, 2019

Have you heard about it? How can you implement it when selling your house?

A Japanese lady, Marie Kondo offered a new method of cleaning and organizing your living space. It became well known after her book “The Life-changing magic of tidying up” following by Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. What’s so different in her approach? She’s offering to start your tidying up process by setting up the goal, imagining ideal lifestyle and what it would actually bring you. Then asking yourself why do I want to live like that? For any answer you’ll have, keep asking yourself why and then you’ll be surprised to realize that the meaning of decluttering and tidying up is to simply be happy.

To begin decluttering, divide your possessions into five categories: clothes, books, papers, sentimental items and miscellaneous items. Then instead of cleaning room by room, you’d clean by categories. This will allow you to see everything you’ve got, making sure there are no double ups in the different room. Let’s take clothes as an example - you’d bring clothes from everywhere in the house and ask yourself whether this item sparks joy, if yes then you get to keep it and if not then thank the item and put it aside to discard.

Make sure to follow the rule: discarding first then tidying up! This step is crucial as there’s no point in organizing something which you actually going to get rid of. Then think of a certain place for every single item. If each item would have a place then it would be easier for you to always put it back there without thinking, it will make cleaning process so much faster. Marie is also recommending to sort your items by the colours, darker colours to be at the back and light colours at the front. Same goes for your clothes: start with dark tones on the left moving to the bright ones.  

Another worthy advice is to put the items you use more often right in front of you or where you can easily reach them, use organizers as well. It’s not necessary to buy them, you can even use shoe boxes and other containers you already have in the house. It’s also better if the containers you use for storing would be see through, this way you’ll always see and won’t forget what’s inside.

Marie also offered to store your clothes or other applicable items vertically. You can easily find the instructions online. This would allow you to take something out of your cupboard without messing the whole pile which will make your place staying tidier for longer.

Get rid of the noise! That’s what Marie Kondo calls the original packaging, especially at the kitchen. If you’ll store your cereals, sugar, flour, biscuits etc. in see through containers then it’s going to look so much nicer and your brain won’t be trying to constantly process unnecessary information.

Let’s state, this method is really radical but we can definitely implement and use a lot of her ideas.

When you’re selling your house, it’s definitely a good time to try something like that as the house should look really neat and tidy. Maybe you are at the stage of your life when you’re ready to say goodbye straight away to the items which don’t necessarily spark joy. When you’re selling and potentially moving, it’s a fantastic time to decide what you actually want to bring in your new home. I imagine throughout the years, many of us would have items which we need to get rid of.

And for something you’d like to keep but currently can’t fit into your old place, we welcome you to store at Yandina Self Storage. This is an amazing place where you can store your belongings. And it’s conveniently located on the Sunshine Coast, off the Bruce Highway. We have everything you need for packing and storing.

Marie Kondo has some great ideas for storing and organizing your space so try some of them and store with Sunshine Coast Storage – Yandina Self Storage. We’re eager to hear everything about your tidying up adventures! Please give us a call or fill the form on the website to get your quote today and begin storing with us! Begin the road to even more happiness in your life!

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