Interview with owner of Yandina storage facility - Matthew Moore

October 21, 2019
Tell us about your background and career.

I’ve been living on the Sunshine Coast all my life, I’m part of a family owned business called BFX office furniture. It was started by my father in the 80’s. We supply commercial furniture for schools, hospitals, offices and other businesses all over Australia. I’ve started working for the company in my early teens and now I’m managing the factory.  And since recently I’m also an owner of Yandina Self Storage facility.

Why did you decide to open Yandina self storage?

It was something that has been on my mind for many years. During my life I've moved a lot of times and it made me realize how fantastic it would be having a large, covered space locally to just pile all your belongings, leaving you stress free. You can rent a room for yourself why not to rent a room for your furniture?

That's good thinking, Matt. How long did it take to build?

Thanks. The construction has been happening in stages: firstly, the land had to be prepared to eliminate all the dangers of flood, it had to be levelled with other commercial buildings in that area. Then a brand new Bowden road was built. Afterwards we could begin the construction which took dozen of men working fiercely for 3,5 months.

When was Yandina self storage opened?

It welcomed its first customers in April, 2019.

What makes Yandina self storage the best Sunshine coast storage facility?

It's a brand new building with state of the art security, living on site manager and the best price guarantee. It's the largest on the Sunshine coast, it's all you ever wanted from a storage facility combined. Come and see for yourself!

What’s your favorite place on the Sunshine Coast?

There’s no place like home. At the same time, I really like Yandina, it’s like my second home so it’s no surprise it’s been chosen as our Sunshine coast Storage facility. The landscape surrounding Yandina is amazing: beautiful fields, pastures, Ninderry mountain and I also do enjoy going to the Spirit house restaurant.  

What's the best advice you were ever given?

Do not let little things upset you, ask yourself whether it will matter in a year or even a month? Most likely no, so why let it affect your life? Concentrate on the most import - family, your children, your friends and things that make you happy.

What are your plans for the future?

Enjoy life of course! Meanwhile we plan on keeping our new storage to the top notch standards. I invite everybody to come in and see it for themselves. Just stop and say hi, check it out, we also sell all the necessary supplies you may need for packing, moving and storing.

Give an advice to someone who wants to achieve the same as you did?

It takes 30 years of hard and dedicated work to have an "overnight" success. It’s true so make your own conclusion. My “road” wasn’t always easy to walk on and it took years to achieve the position I’m at right now. I’m a happy man, despite of the obstacles, I got to do things that I enjoy and I’ve became good at it.

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