Are you selling your property?

June 13, 2019

Thinking of selling your home? Thinking where do you begin? What's the key in selling your property? What is the most important? Do you think it's the right real estate agent? When was the last time you went on the house hunting? What unites all the houses that you like?

My answer would be to some of those questions: the key to selling successfully and the most important is to get this "Art Gallery look" of your property.

How can you achieve that look? Are you going to live in the house at the same time as selling it? Or do you need to start by renovating your place?

You'll need to make your house look rather neutral and attractive at the same time. Think of your house as of a hotel room. How quickly does one have traces of you coming in? How does it look the next morning?

To successfully sell your house or apartment you'll need to make it look like the maid just stepped out of that imaginary hotel room and everything is neat and tidy. Another very important remark is that the property looks so much better when it's a bit empty even, you will be able to get away with this even by keeping most of your furniture, just make sure there's no clutter, no one likes to look at it. The only question is what do you do with the remaining belongings?

The Sunshine Coast's Largest Self Storage Facility can definitely help you in that matter. We have different sized units which would certainly match your requirements.

We also sell everything you need for packing your belongings no matter how large or small they are. Please contact our friendly staff and they will be happy to assist you and answer any questions.

Selling your property and moving is a real milestone in one's life. It's fabulous that you're doing it, what an exciting time!  We care about our customers very much, that's why we have the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE. We want your selling experience go really smoothly so store with us, free the space in your home and do get this "Art Gallery look"!

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