10 Tips on How to Sell Your Property

July 1, 2019

Last time we’ve discussed some important aspects of selling your property. Let's talk some more about how to achieve this "Art Gallery look" of your house prior to putting it on the market and taking the photos for your advertisement. We all know that the more saleable and presentable your property looks the better price you could get for it and the less time it will take to sell.


1) Organise your space properly.

We all have our own way of placing furniture, which is convenient for us, but it doesn’t mean that it would look appealing to the buyers. Try to see your property with the fresh set of eyes and place your furniture accordingly. If you made a gym or a pool room out of your bedroom or you doing your laundry in a garage, etc. then it would be a good idea to restore the rooms to into its original purpose.


2) Choose a style.

It’s always nice when there’s a theme going on: Modern, Art Deco, Bohemian, Beach,Mediterranean… There so many to choose from. It doesn’t have to require much effort, nowadays it’s easy to buy certain interior decorations for a really good price.


3) Keep it Fresh

Light, pastel and beige colours are more attractive rather than bright, dark and distinctive ones. For example, if you’ve created a dark cinema room from one of the bedrooms or the walls of your children’s room are full of pink elephants then consider repainting it. It might be a good idea to give your walls a fresh coat of paint or two anyway. You’ll be amazed what a significant difference it makes!


4) Storage Sunshine Coast

Yandina self storage will be happy to help with anything you need to store away. Store with us any bulky items, large pieces of furniture or any clutter. You need to make the space appear larger. It looks ridiculous when you inspect a house, then have a glance inside the garage door, and see that it’s ready to burst from all the stuff people put in there from the floor to the ceiling. Your garage is not a storage area. It sends the wrong message to the potential buyers. The buyers will need to have an idea that there’s enough space for everything.


5) More Light is Better

The more light the better! We’re lucky to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with hundreds of hours of the sun. Use it to benefit your place. Wash your windows, take down the curtains, open up the blinds, and place mirrors in front of the windows so they reflect the light. Place some light features to the dark corners, so the space is lavished with light and the sun.


6) Pay Attention to Odours

Pay attention to the odors. Did you know which natural smells are considered the most pleasant for people? Number one is the smell of orange and other citruses, then there’s the smell of freshly baked bread and pastry, then there’s the smell of freshness of the rain, then vanilla. It might be a good idea to try to recreate some of them. Get some home perfume sticks too. Make sure there are no unpleasant smells in your home. If you can smell an old pipe then the potential buyer can smell it too. Call a plumber; it’s probably the time to fix that sewerage. If you have the pets living inside the house then make sure there are no traces of them.


7) Clean Up

Clean your home thoroughly and try to fix big and small things. In our climate it’s easy to get the mould so get rid of it if you have any. Get rid of all the dust, grime and stains.Sometimes the flooring can make a major difference. If you’ve been having the same carpet for over a decade and you can smile to your memories of how some of the spots got there then it can be worth replacing it. Carpet everywhere is not in fashion anymore. Consider the laminate, vinyl, tiles or even timber. It may cost you a few thousand dollars, but it’s probable that the price you’d be able to ask for your home will increase sufficiently. It’s definitely cheaper to clean yourself but if you’re struggling then there are plenty of bond cleaners around. Bond clean is what you may require to make your home sparkling.


8) Avoid Personal Items

Try to make your home feel neutral so it would appeal to as many buyers as possible. It’s ideal when the buyers can’t even tell who lives in the house. Can you try to achieve that? They need to be able to picture themselves living there so take down all the family photos, schools trophies and certificates and store with a Sunshine Coast storage facility your hobby items. Even the art pieces you place on your walls or put around the house should be treated seriously. You may love the nude antique statues, or you may have a passion for the car figurines but not every buyer will share your taste. You may have your fridge full of magnets from every country you’ve ever visited, store it with us till you move into your new house!


9) First impressions

Don’t forget your exterior and the garden area. Potential buyers may just drive past your property first and check it out from the outside before they will decide to come in for the inspection. Keep your lawn nice and tidy, remove dry palm branches, keep the shrubs and the plants cut back and watered. Clear the patio, hose it off and remove all the leaves. Take care of the pool.


10) Don't Stress

Find time to relax and enjoy! Yes, it might be a stressful time now and there are so many things to take into account but who knows how long you might be living in this house now that it’s for sale. When you’ve got it sparkling and restored to its glory, try to find the time for yourself and your loved ones, try to recollect all the beautiful things that connect you to this place and enjoy your time there. There will be a new beginnings very soon, new memories and new stories but this time is very memorable and special: it's saying goodbye to this part of your life and preparing to start a new one!

Whew! What a list! So many things to consider! The result will be definitely worth it.

Remember that it’s only temporary, and all the discomfort won’t last very long.

Yandina self storage will be happy to assist you with anything you’ll need to store.

Please contact us for a quote. Packing won’t be a problem anymore as we’ve got everything you may need for it. We’re looking forward to hear from you!


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